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We are so grateful this year to our Platinum Sponsor, Drake Real Estate Services and Jon and Kimberly Hauser, for their generous support of the Show House. Although many of the people who volunteer and donate to this amazing event have a special affinity for Children’s Hospital of Denver, the Hauser’s support comes from having experienced first hand all that the hospital does for families.

In April of 2014, Jon and Kimberly’s son was diagnosed with an extremely rare head tumor called Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma, (JNA). After doing some research and committing to take whatever means necessary to get him the best possible care, even if it meant going to John’s Hopkins, UCLA or the Mayo Clinic, they discovered that one of the best teams equipped for this extremely delicate surgery was right here in Denver at Children’s Hospital.

Immediately after diagnosis, a team was assembled and a plan of care determined. On May 6th, 2014, Brooks Hauser underwent a 7 hour, complicated pre-operative embolism procedure, performed by Dr, David Kumpe, to stop the blood flow going into the tumor.  Two days later, Dr. Kenny Chan and Dr. Jeremy Prager performed a 6 hour surgery to remove the tumor. Brooks was cared for in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit during his time there.

“Brooks’ team of doctors were able to remove 100% of the tumor,” said, Jon and Kimberly Hauser. “We were ecstatic and relieved! The care we received was phenomenal and we are forever thankful for his doctors, nurses and staff.”


With only a 30 % chance of recurrence, The Hauser Family hopes to have put this behind them but the affect of their time at Children’s Hospital will be with them forever. When asked to share their experience during the time Brooks received treatment, they were more than willing to give an account not only of all that the medical team did, but what the hospital, as a whole, does.

“One moment we clearly remember during out time at Children’s was walking down the long hallway to get to Brooks’ room located at the far end of the PICU. We passed the other care rooms not knowing their story or how they ended up in intensive care but, the impact of Children’s Hospital on the other families going through life changing situations really started to sink in. To see and experience how the staff and facility was equipped to deal with all of the various circumstances was overwhelming. We simply bowed our heads in gratitude, not only for Brooks’ successful outcome, but for all the other kids receiving care at the exceptional hospital.”


Drake Real Estate Services was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1997 as a retail development company. Through the years, Drake has expanded upon its experiences to become a full-service development, management and investment company. Drake has capitalized on opportunities by using its experience and relationships in the real estate industry.

Over the past decade, Drake has constructed or renovated 95 commercial structures, completed 33 joint venture projects and currently manages over 65 properties. The success of the company comes from understanding the changing characteristics of the marketplace, forming strong relationships with its partners, clients and consultants and hiring highly skilled and motivated employees. Drake has earned its reputation for taking on tough projects and using honesty and integrity to solve problems.

For more information on how you can contribute, visit http://www.childrenscolorado.org/.