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Josh Bodjanac HeadshotMy Story
I’m passionate about interior design. From a lineage of design beginning in Eastern Europe, I have a deep appreciation for artisanship, quality, and well-planned spaces.

My grandfather emigrated from Serbia in 1961 as a Certified Master Upholsterer. Being a skilled tradesman, he began work in Beverly Hills, California, where he and my father completed projects for celebrities and dignitaries.
In 1991, my parents founded European Upholstery in Colorado Springs, where I began working under the instruction of my father. I started upholstering furniture at the age of 14, and this invaluable experience has sharpened my eye for detail and given me an understanding of furniture construction. Working together with my parents, we have completed projects all over Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, California, and New York.

With clients in America and Australia, I create interiors that are tailored to your personality and enhance the beauty of life.

My Philosophy
I believe in interiors that are exclusive, captivating, and spiritually liberating. I believe in celebrating the art of living well, and enjoying everyday luxuries that champion such a notion. As an accomplished interior designer, I create timeless interiors that charm using color, contrast, and visual layering.

Throughout the design process, I embrace elegance and carefully balance patterns and textures to create a sense of unity. Drawing from both intuition and tradition, my designs radiate graciousness and integrity using proven aesthetic principles. These are then fashioned to fit your dreams and transform your home into a reflection of you.


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