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Company KD Logo2-Sign 8-6-2015we believe in taking our clients on a journey. company kd interiors provoke the spirit, quicken the pulse and arouse the imagination. these spaces are also functional, comfortable and speak to our philosophical belief that the client is the most important part of this journey.

our love for designing is steeped in our love for travel. we have tasted teas and spices, touched fabrics, immersed ourselves in different cultures and interacted with people all over the world. these adventures make us more open-minded to our clients’ individual sensibilities and desires. after all, it’s what the client brings to the table that makes an each venture a uniquely fun experience.

while our life histories play an important role, we also have a combined 50 years of expertise designing living and working spaces.

allow us to take you on a journey.

kristi dinner + susan schwab, principals.

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